I want to plant Irises on my garden. Are they hard to maintain?

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  • Trina McKim Trina McKim on Feb 21, 2018
    Very easy to maintain. Take care not to plant too deep as they grow very close to surface of the soil. After a few years of naturalizomg, thin out and share with friends.
  • Cnutter Cnutter on Feb 21, 2018
    Irises are not difficult at all. They do well in mostly sun (6-8) hours a day. They need good drainage. Plant late in the summer (Here I plant them about the last 2 weeks of August. Their roots need to have a chance to get a good start before it turns cold) Crocus, is another very good choice. I love to look out and be surprised by a beautiful crocus pushing up. I plant these one or two scattered randomly throughout the the yard, out in the grass. After I've put them in the ground, I just forget about them and let Mother Nature, do the work. Research which Irises do best in your area, or go ask someone at a nursery....or get a few bulbs growing in some containers.
  • Love Iris. A great "plant and forget" plant. They do like to be very close or just on top of the soil like Trina said. Mine get full 100+ afternoon sun at the edge of the garden where they get water on occasion. When I ignore them they seem to do the best. A lot of ranchers in the area plant them along the roadside outside the corral fences. They get pretty neglected out there.
  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Feb 22, 2018
    Not at all...don’t plant them too deep (they prefer that the bulbs peek out of the ground) and that’s pretty much all you do with them...divide them down the road when they get too thick
  • Jen Jen on Feb 22, 2018
    They do eventually spread! Make sure you thin them out after a few years...
  • Ret Grant Ret Grant on Feb 23, 2018
    I leave them alone all through the growing season and winter then in the spring I lightly rake out dead leaves. That is all I do except when I see they need to be thinned out.
  • Ivelisse Laboy Ivelisse Laboy on Feb 25, 2018
    What's the best way to clean pavers? I've tried bleach it left a white residue.
  • Ivelisse Laboy Ivelisse Laboy on Feb 25, 2018
    Can I plant Irises on pots?
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Feb 25, 2018
    No! mine grow like weeds. Actually, it depends upon your growing zone.
  • You're welcome ♥
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