What are the best flowers for shade and hot afternoon sun?

what are the best flowers to plant that are in the shade until late afternoon heat from th sun. Yet they are under bushes that still shade them? Also ideas for a rock wall that slowly falls forward every year. Small hill in front of the house

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  • Janet Janet on Feb 28, 2018
    Depending on your zone impatients do well but dont rule out geraniums.
  • April E April E on Feb 28, 2018
    To answer this I need to know the area of the country you are located in
  • DebM DebM on Feb 28, 2018
    You can plant ajuga (burgundy glow is gorgeous en masse), or creeping myrtle which will be a flowering ground cover then plant heuchera (coral bells) with bright colorful foliage in groups of 3 or 5 for gorgeous year round color in most zones. Heuchera foliage comes in great colors...purple, peach, pink, apricot, Carmel, lime green with red, etc and gave a great natural mounding habit.
  • Crystal Crystal on Feb 28, 2018
    Begonias the waxy kind. Once was a shade plant but now tolerate both very well.
  • Shoshana Shoshana on Mar 01, 2018
    Begonias are a good idea!
  • Lyn27257929 Lyn27257929 on Mar 01, 2018
    Begonias and coral bells work well for me, along with a few hostas and hydrangeas if you keep them watered!
  • MGMN MGMN on Mar 01, 2018
    Better yet go native! Check with your local extension office, they can help advise you on what plants are native to your area & what will work with your light conditions. Native plants are beautiful, environmentally friendly, use less water & attract our ever decreasing pollinator population.
  • David David on Mar 01, 2018

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