How to decorate my bedroom?

I have a king-size bed with light gray fabric headboard. The walls are painted eggshell cream. I want to coordinate sheets, decorative pillows, comforter, and curtains together. What should match with same pattern or color? How many pillows and what color?

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  • Cynthia Cynthia on Mar 02, 2018
    This is such a personal preferance question. . Do you want to introduce an accent color? You could use grey for the draperies to bring that color over from the headboard, and then again for the sheets and bed
  • Cynthia Cynthia on Mar 02, 2018
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    continuing, use grey for pillowcases as well. I have seen some beautiful comforter sets that combine grey/cream. Use grey for some pillows on the bed,cream for others(different sizes, shapes), and maybe a couple accents- blues, greens,etc.
  • Fix It Jen Fix It Jen on Mar 02, 2018
    Those are both very neutral colors, they can go with just about anything. Pick whatever appeals to you, and run with it!
  • Dysko7710 Dysko7710 on Mar 02, 2018
    I think gray and eggshell are such nice neutral colors, you could introduce quite a range of accent colors, I think it is just preference. Deep plum/purple, or a neutral green are two colors that come to mind to accent with.
  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Mar 02, 2018
    Gray and cream bedding would look great especially if the pattern in the bedspread includes some dark gray, too. Maybe something lke the photo U included. Then besudes your two larger pillows, pergaos a few smaller pillows with pops of red.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Mar 02, 2018
    I would go with a deep eggplant or plum for the comforter. As for decorative pillows, I would find or make them to match headboard. The curtains would be the same color as the comforter. The sheets don't matter unless they're going to be seen.
  • Emily Emily on Mar 02, 2018
    It might be difficult to get curtains, accent pillows, sheets, comforter, all in the same pattern but a place to start is just to browse websites that sell these things. I have 5 pillows on my bed, shams that match the comforter, two that are just to sleep on and one that is a vintage antique pillow cover. On the Guest room bed I just have two shams that match the spread and upholstery of the bed and I don't add sleeping pillows till we have guests. If I were you I would pick accent pillows in a different color since shams and pillow cases will all match. End up with an odd number. If your main items are heavily designed or colored choose simpler quieter accent pillows. If main items are quiet, choose accent pillows with some zip!
  • Janice Janice on Mar 02, 2018
    The eggplant color as mentioned in another post would be beautiful with the grey. A deep plum (not has dark as eggplant)( would be pretty as well. Nearly any color will go, ust choose what you are drawn to. A rich teal would be nice. Put some different textures in the room with your fabric pillows and curtains. That adds interest and feels sophisticated yet cozy.
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