What to use to make a top for gazebo?

Hi. I bought a metal frame of 10'x12' gazebo (second hand) and I have an option to buy a top made of cloth and then have to buy another one in a couple of years again because those cloth tops deteriorate very fast under California sun. I was wondering if any other materials can be use to create a top. it must be something light because it is not strong permanent wood gazebo. I appreciate all of your suggestions. Thank you.

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  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Mar 05, 2018
    What if you use the cloth top, but treat it with marine uv protectant like they do on sail boats and yachts?
  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Mar 05, 2018
    This may sound crazy and I have never had one so it's just a thought, do painter grade tarps come in that size. I ask because they just seem to last forever and although not exposed to the elements I was actually thinking about the cost factor. If you have to replace it every few years may be more cost effective. Also you can use fabric paint on them because on this site people have done so I just don't know if they sell a sealant to protect paint fading and maybe make it water resistant. Now you may want to really check first and see if the canopy that you can be is coated with anything to keep harmful sunray off of you and/or if you can buy that and spray it on which ever item you purchase. Just a wild thought 😞.
    • Natalia Natalia on Mar 06, 2018
      Hi Janet. this link provided with many options. I will be definitely looking into a few. thank you so much. Natalia:)
  • 27524803 27524803 on Mar 05, 2018
    You can use the Shade cloth available in the garden department at Lowe's... it is available by the foot...you would need to sew at least 2 sections together to make the width.
    We have also used rippled tin to cover a Harbor Freight garage... but for the gazebo... the rippled fiberglas would be better... comes in several colors
  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 05, 2018
    Sunbrella fabric is UV resistant for outdoor use, you can find it on Fabric.com and then you would have to sew it yourself or find someone to do it for you.
    • Natalia Natalia on Mar 05, 2018
      I did check it out. it seems bit expensive plus the sewing work. Thank you for suggestion. :)
  • V Smith V Smith on Mar 05, 2018
    What if you bought the fabric top and then rolled and painted it in the "rubber" stuff that is waterproof. It is expensive but it might be cost effective for your situation. I am pretty sure it is available in white.
  • Noreen Ewing Noreen Ewing on Mar 05, 2018
    You can purchase a product called Sunbella cloth on line it is the same fabric used in awning, it is easy to work with and I have sewn it with even a very light weight machine. I have purchased ends at Sportman's guide on line very inexpensively. No much choice on color but what I got was pretty neutral.
  • Natalia Natalia on Mar 06, 2018
    Rippled Fiberglas? I think it is the answer I was looking for!!!!
     thank you so much.