What is the easiest way to remove wallpaper?

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  • Alice Alice on Mar 05, 2018
    You could try fabric softener; removing wallpaper is a snap with fabric softener! Just stir 1 cap-full liquid softener into 1 quart (1 liter) water and sponge the solution onto the wallpaper. Let it soak in for 20 minutes, then scrape the paper from the wall.
  • Kim Kim on Mar 06, 2018
    I like the Paper Tiger wallpaper scoring tool. It leaves perforations all over the paper and then I spray it with water or the fabric softener solution that Alice mentioned.
  • Steam. Score till your arms fall off and steam. Rent the steamer from any tool rental.

  • Pjtorres Pjtorres on Mar 06, 2018
    Bug sprayer & hot water spray on walla....

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Mar 06, 2018
  • Mary Anne Sharkey Mary Anne Sharkey on Mar 06, 2018
    DIF is the best I've found to remove wall paper. Just score it with an X and spray on DIF and leave it for 30 minutes and the most stubborn paper will peel away. Just remember that some wall repair may be in order since many people use wall paper to cover all matter of problems.

  • Imjhale Imjhale on Mar 06, 2018
    If you cam loosen the edges at the top, pull down to remove, it often cones of in large areas. Now you just have the backing and can soak with 1/3 to half strength fabric softener and hot water or 1/2 strength vinegar and hot water. in a spray bottle; saturate well. You can buy a wallpaper removing tool with curved handle that keeps you from gouging n the wall. It has a sharp blade to scrape easily. For stubborn areas use the wallpaper scoring tool and reset, then scrape. Rewet as needed. Be sure to rinse the walls when finished to remove glue residue and cleaning solution, especially for painting. Be sure to protect surrounding area and floors as the wetting process will reactivate the glue
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