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Asked on Mar 6, 2018

How to hang a towel rod



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  • Rl06898607
    on Mar 6, 2018

    Typically they have a piece that you mount to the wall and then when you put the rod on, these mounts go inside the ends of the towel rod.
    If this doesn't help, try Googling the brand of towel rod you have. Assuming you don't have the instructions.
  • Kim
    on Mar 6, 2018

    Hold towel bar up on the wall where you want it (with a level on top to make sure it’s level) and trace lightly around “feet” with pencil.
    On the “feet” (part that goes against the wall) there is a little set screw. Loosen the set screws and remove the mounting plates.
    Mount the plates where you traced the “feet” using toggle bolts unless you are over a stud, then use provided screws.
    Toggle bolts are installed by drilling a hole through drywall using the size drill bit specified for the size toggle bolt you are using. (It’s on the package). Slide the toggle behind the drywall and tighten. I prefer to use toggles with wireties and caps (called toggler snap toggles) to hold them in place so that you are not juggling with all the parts of what you are hanging at once. They are available at your local home-improvement store.
    I hope that all made sense
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