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Asked on Mar 6, 2018

Can you use chalk paint on kitchen cabinets?

Melinda SpanglerCarla CookLiv


I was told that if you use chalk paint you don't have to strip the finish off of your project. My kitchen cabinets are old and dingy looking. I want to add some color and brighten up the space.

4 answers
  • Audrey
    on Mar 6, 2018

    I would seal them after to make the frequent washing easier
  • Liv
    on Mar 6, 2018

  • Carla Cook
    on Mar 7, 2018

    I used liquid sandpaper to wipe down the area's I was going to paint - this removes any oils and makes the finish tacky. Paint away. Mine have held up very well.
  • Melinda Spangler
    on Mar 7, 2018

    Painted all mine over a year and a half ago. They look wonderful. I used 2 coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint and 2 coats of varithane varnish. thought I would rather have varnish than wax because there is so much water in the kitchen. They have done great..
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