Suggestions for decorating my great room?

The room is 20‘L x 13’w (not including the staircase).
q i would really appreciate suggestions for decorating my great room
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  • Grammy G Grammy G on Mar 06, 2018
    It is too cluttered. Remove some of the hangings on doors and walls, etc., remove the couch in the window area, move the recliner to where you have the smaller couch along with the table and lamp near the recliner. That makes a reading relaxing area for someone. Remove some of the end tables and the ottoman. Replace the ottoman with the coffee table.
    Then you should probably remove the small children's chair to open up that space. My space is about the same size as yours and I only have about 1/2 the furniture you have and there is plenty of room.
  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 06, 2018
    Nice furniture, but too much for this room. Maybe you could remove a few pieces and open up the space to make it look larger. Remove the hanging wall stuff and the bouquet on the left side to show off your walls more. You could hang a side drape on the large window to soften the look, but that means you will have to remove the pictures on the sides. If your fireplace is a focal point then clearing anything from the front of it will make it show better. Hope this helps.
  • Mogie Mogie on Mar 06, 2018
    Remove stuff there is too much in a small area. Less is more. Don't block windows with furniture. Don't put stuff in front of the fireplace. You want it to be inviting. A little more color would be nice. Pick one or two accent colors and repeat those. New throw pillows with the accent colors you pick would be nice.
  • Janette Janette on Mar 06, 2018
    I say clean slate. Remove everything from room and place in another room such as bedroom, kitchen, etc. A room that you use every day but are willing to give up for one full day. Patch, spackle and repair holes in walls where pictures, art, tv's, etc. have been placed. Paint......... Pick a color you have not ever used before but wanted to use. Now when dry, Placing your TV over the fireplace would be the most logical area for how large it is. I would group your Sofa, love seat and chair with coffee table in front of the fireplace/TV area, just moving sofa over to where large table is and moving love seat to middle of room with back facing window. Move large table to window where love seat is, place rug under table first. Arrange lamps on table with other decor. We just made to living areas. Place ottoman in front of windows to right of fireplace. I would add a drape to this window and swag it over from one side. You could also do another window treatment to other window. For privacy add a sheer behind. Remove recliner from room, it doesn't match anyway. Place childs recliner on sale site, too cute to throw out. Little furniture is cute but not functional, think of how much it is really used. Hang pictures accordingly up wall of stairs. Take out what does not fit. Vases are outdated etc.
  • PJ Kelley PJ Kelley on Mar 06, 2018
    I'd lose some of the furniture as there appears to just be too much.
  • Emily Emily on Mar 06, 2018
    I do not agree with "losing" some of the furniture. IMHO you do not have too much. It would always help in discussing furniture placement if pictures are taken of each of the four walls. I think your furniture is too similar in color. I would never replace the hassock with a coffee table. They each serve a distinctly different purpose and you have end tables for the sofa. I could comment much more but would like to see more pics as I can not identify all furniture pieces.
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Mar 06, 2018
    Your room has great bones, it just needs to be finished.

    The room needs to serve the people that live there, I think you just need a few different pieces of furniture, and something to help tie it all together. A room this large needs to be divided into areas.
    I would place a large sofa directly across from the fireplace. Maybe a library table behind the sofa. End tables on either side are fine. Add two matching chairs one on either side of the fireplace. I would anchor this with a larger area rug. The area by the window (where the 2nd sofa is) I would build in book cases on either side of the window and where the TV is. This is a large room not to have a space to display things. (or a desk in this area, with a comfortable chair that can be pulled over to the other seating area, or a small table with 4 chairs that can be pulled over if needed.) Maybe place the child's chair over in the corner in front of the bookcases. A 2nd smaller area rug over in this area. Perhaps the TV can go on the wall we cannot see (close to the sofa) .

    Then if you wish to keep the brown monochromatic color scheme - you need to add a punch of color. Perhaps some orange or rust accents, throw pillows, candles, pottery. You need a large painting or print over the fireplace to pick up the colors.

  • Mic24223963 Mic24223963 on Mar 07, 2018
    II agree with above. Less is more! Around that back window I would ditch the pics and brick the wall (brickwallpaper is great). Then on each side of the window I would place a sconce with greenery and finish with decorative curtains or drapes. Using it as a reading nook area is also a nice idea. This room has great potential!

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