Asked on Mar 6, 2018

How can I use a drum shade in place of the one in picture?

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q how can i use a drum shade in place of the one in picture therebulbs
I want to use a drum shade in place of existing one. There are two bulbs. Need suggestions.
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  • Debker
    on Mar 7, 2018

    Is that one bolt/nut that is holding the existing shade on? If it is, then you should be ale to hang a drum shade on using the same bolt/nut, they have framework inside them to mount on lamps. Just make sure you get the same width to keep it looking balanced, you will also see the bulbs when you look up at it.
    • O.shag
      on Mar 8, 2018

      Reply to D. Kerychuk...There are diffusers available that will cover the bulbs.
  • Jud11815618
    on Mar 7, 2018

    Fanimation makes a drum lighting kit for ceiling fans. It is sold by Amazon, among others.
  • Linda
    on Mar 7, 2018

    Here is a before and after with supplies and instructions. Good luck!
  • Landsharkinnc
    on Mar 8, 2018

    Turn OFF the power to the fan/light; if it is direct wired, find the breaker and turn it off at your box. Remove the glass shield; there is a bracket that holds the 2 bulbs, held by two screws; remove them and 'unwire' the sockets. Your drum shade should/probably has at least 2/4 rods across the top to where a 'finial' would attach if used on a lamp; depending on the configuration of your drum shade, you can attach thru the center hole (where the finial would go) to the center post of the base of the fan; or use the metal rods that run from the outside upper rim of the shade to the middle. Reattach the wiring for the lights, and reattach the bracket they are attached to and turn the power back on.
  • Sara Crawford
    on Mar 10, 2018

    There is also this type of drum shade for a ceiling fan
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