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Asked on Mar 8, 2018

Lamp post repair ideas?

Joe Pollarine JrLandsharkinnc


Our lamp post light in the front yard stop working. We replace light bulb and put in a new sensor yesterday and still not working. Is there something else we could try before call an electrican?

2 answers
  • Landsharkinnc
    on Mar 8, 2018

    need to check the wiring itself --- may have corroded from moisture, etc. be sure!!! you throw the circuit breaker that handles the source of electricity for this lite --- could be in the 'socket' itself, or at ground level where the wire goes to the breaker box ...
  • Joe Pollarine Jr
    on Mar 8, 2018

    Check to see if breaker is tripped turn off and back on I had this problem and it was the underground wire. I got a solar lamp post. Light on amazon 120 saved me much agrivation and it works great

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