Asked on Mar 9, 2018

When is the best time to start a garden in raised beds?



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  • Amy Ogden-Paparone
    on Mar 9, 2018

    Hi Katie!
    It all depends what state you live in and what the zone your area is in. I'm giving you a link to find out that info and hope it helps!

  • Tinyshoes
    on Mar 9, 2018

    I would start as soon as possible getting the beds made and ready but wait until after Good Friday to actually plant and if you think there may be more frost in your area...wait until mid April or so. Good luck!
  • Gk
    on Mar 9, 2018

    Amy is correct. Look up planting times for your zone. You can plant some vegetables earlier than others. Peas and radishes go in the ground when it is cooler but tomatoes and peppers need warmer soil. If this is your first time gardening you need to do some good planning and research.
  • Mag10271246
    on Mar 9, 2018

    Check your planting zone, some plants are more cold tolerant, I live in Michigan and it’s best to wait until late May
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