When is the best to plant tomatoes? Our soil is terrible.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 09, 2018
    if you are planting the plants outside put them out when all danger of frost is gone. I have to start my plants from seed, and it takes about 6 weeks for the plant to be big enough to go from the grow pot to the dirt. Check with your county extension office and see if they have a master gardener on staff. They are very knowledgeable about should grow well, and what amendments to help the soil..
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 09, 2018
    If you can't find a way to enrich your soil, you may consider using really big pots for tomatoes.
  • PJ Kelley PJ Kelley on Mar 09, 2018
    This depends on the area you are in. I've actually planted very early for TN using 5 gal buckets and plastic cozy coats around the plant. I purchased the cozy coats at a local nursery. They are plastic and fluted. You fill the fluted part with water. We had early tomatoes and used good soil in the container.
  • Jacquie Jacquie on Mar 09, 2018
    We have clay under our top soil so nothing grows. We grow out to orators and pretty much everything else in containers.
  • 1401470 1401470 on Mar 11, 2018
    First amend your soil, this should be done every year prior to planting. Always plant after the last frost, if those dates are in question you can check the farmers' almanac for details.
  • Eil22229440 Eil22229440 on Mar 11, 2018
    You can plant them in pots . Put stones (golf ballsize) at the bottom and however far up you want. Put in soil, and take it from there.
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