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I am entertaining the idea of painting a kitchen floor. I would take 3 layers of Vinyl flooring off and start from the wood. I've successfully painted decorative floors, but never in the kitchen. Is there any chance it would hold up without chipping or yellowing? (it won't be white, but maybe light grey ) also what products would be the absolute toughest that can take the wear? Or am i just dreaming? lol. Thanks for your help.

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  • Instead of removing the three layers, have you thought about just painting the vinyl flooring? You can do this (depending on the shape it is in). Research, research, research!! You can paint a wooden floor, but I highly recommend researching the products to use. Here is one article I found for you:
  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 09, 2018
    I haven't painted my kitchen floor, but, did the hallway next to it. Between cats, visiting dogs, a grandchild and walking on it dozens of times a day, it is holding up well. I cleaned up the wood, painted it with floor paint (a slate gray), and plan to seal it this spring once I can have the ventilation . As you know when it warms up your other painting, using the best paint you can afford, and a good sealer is the key. I like Home Depot paints, and stick with water-based.
  • Julie White Julie White on Mar 10, 2018
    I took up ALL THE CARPETING in my house after years of pet damage, and painted the not very attractive subfloor under it. It’s a lot of work doing three coats of paint on that much square footage. It would be better with more coats. I used one coat of Kilz High Build primer, and two coats of floor and deck paint. No poly top coat. It’s held up very well with walking on, mopping, pets, and dragging furniture across it. I’m thinking of stenciling a design onto it. One disadvantage. You lose the insulating power of your floor covering. You might want to just paint your linoleum.
  • Emily Emily on Mar 10, 2018
    I have had a painted kitchen floor for years, also three other wood painted floors on my first floor. In fact I am thinking of painting the kitchen floor white. My kitchen floor is pine. Other floors are oak or maple. First pic is room we eat in, also near entrance from outside and to the cellar. Second is small space my granddaughter slept in when she was small. Third is a smidgen of current kitchen floor. You can see how light it is. My kitchen is VERY small (only about 30" wide between counters) so it gets a lot of walking on. But is easily touched up as are spaces under chairs in the top picture. Bottom pic is floor in sitting room and dining room. The white NEVER yellowed. The dining room floor was painted over 30 years ago and is Benj. Moore's ow 30 oil floor paint.
  • 32616932 32616932 on Mar 11, 2018
    What top coat did you use? Also this isnt my floor, i cant paint it if it has to be touched up regularly. Thx for the info i appreciate it.
  • Julie White Julie White on Mar 11, 2018
    Not your floor???? If you have a nice wood floor under there, think about refinishing it. If not, painting the floor works fine. Floor and porch/deck paints are VERY durable these days And come in wonderful colors.
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