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DIY Topiary Trees

Nothing says Spring like a beautiful green Topiary! It's so easy to DIY your own using your choice of floral greens. We made these for $10 a piece using floral greens and pots we purchased on sale at Michael's.
Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
Find a pot and a bunch of faux floral greens. Note: We used all the leaf stems from the bunch pictured here for one topiary tree. Some floral greens are not as full as this bunch was, so you may need more than one bunch depending on the size of ball you use and the type of floral greens you are using.
Pull all the greens from the main stems. We separated ours into 2 piles. One with the green leafy stems and another with the berry stems.
Use a medium sized Styrofoam ball and paint it green like we did, or use a green floral ball. We stuck a bamboo skewer into the Styrofoam ball to hold it in place while it was painted and for ease of drying.
While the green paint was drying, we cut several reed stems to the size we wanted for our trees and held them together at the top and bottom with rubber bands.
We pushed the reeds into the base of the Styrofoam ball and left the rubber band. It will be covered by the floral greens.
Start attaching the floral greens to the Styrofoam ball. We did not use any glue, just pushed the end of the leaf stem directly into the Styrofoam ball. We started at the base and worked our way to the top, alternating the leaf stems and berry stems.
Fill the ball completely with the floral stems. We used every floral stem and most of the berries from the to fill one ball. If your floral greens are not as full as the one we choose, you may need several stems to cover a medium sized ball.
We stuck the reeds into our pot which we filled with rocks to hold the reed stem in place and then covered the rocks with Spanish Moss.
If you want a smaller Topiary, use a smaller ball and pot. The great thing about these Topiary Trees is that you can change the greenery for various seasons or to get a different look.
Our Topiary Trees look great on the mantel, a table or kitchen counter! I'm looking forward to making more because they were so easy to do! This project took about 20 minutes to put together not including the time it took for the green paint to dry.

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