Rust Dyed Fabric - Lampshade

A few months back I had great fun playing with rusty nails, bits and pieces of rusty metal found on the beach and fabric. Rust placed on wet fabric gradually dyes rust colours.
Time: 3 DaysCost: $20Difficulty: Medium
  • rust dyed fabric lampshade
The fabric is soaked in a solution of 50:50 water and white vinegar. Rust items are placed into the fabric, where the rust touches the fabric patterns will form. Alternatively you can wrap rust objects with the fabric.
  • rust dyed fabric lampshade
The process can take between 1-3 days for the rust to form.
  • rust dyed fabric lampshade
Having had fun with rusty nails, lumps of metal and washers creating a variety of patterns was then left wondering what to do with the fabric itself. Time passed.

I had a go at embroidering onto the fabric, adding embellishment to the fabric. But then wondered what to do with the embroidered fabric. After some thought I decided to make a lampshade, the back of the embroidery shone through the shade so I chose to work with just the rust fabric.
  • rust dyed fabric lampshade
Using a lampshade making kit found on Amazon I created a lampshade - more detailsfor how to make the lampshade are in my blog post.
  • rust dyed fabric lampshade
I am delighted with the result. If you fancy a go yourself but have no rust objects then you can atill be a go - find out here.
I would love to know what you would make with rust fabric.

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  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut Hamburg, NY
    on Mar 10, 2018

    The rust fabric really did make a very unique lampshade. I was surprised that it turned out so well. Great job and thanks for sharing. From some of the responses below it seems I've left a bad impression. That was certainly not my intention. I was just surprised that a rusty nail & fabric could turn out so well. I thought Vicky did a great job.

      • Karen
        Karen East Hartford, CT
        on Mar 14, 2018

        I think it's a wonderful idea! I love discovering textures and color on fabric and find this fascinating. Thank you!

      • Kim murray
        Kim murray United Kingdom
        on Mar 12, 2018

        Yes for sure it’s great!