Asked on Mar 10, 2018

Valance situation.

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I have cream colored walls, cream colored furniture, and cream colored carpet in my dining room. How can I decorate this with a colored valance with what colors to go italian or tuscany? What other ideas do I need to change this area to this theme?

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  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown
    Holly Kinchlea-Brown
    on Mar 10, 2018

    adobe brick orange, dark sage green, deep yellow, brown
  • Awe22317039
    on Mar 10, 2018

    Hi Wonda - Your photos are great but your dining room seems to lack a bit of colour, especially if you want an Italian 'Tuscan look'. This is just a guess, but perhaps introduce some warmer tones on the walls - terracotta, or burnt orangey colours (they come in all shades now from dark to light - maybe pick up some Dulux shade cards & see which colours look best in your room, & maybe try a matchpot or two, so you can see what they look like on the walls, especially in different lights (sunny/dull days, artificial light etc.). Perhaps different depths of colour on different walls? Maybe a 'trompe l'oiel' picture - like a length of wallpaper - pasted onto one wall, perhaps with an arch or window surrounding it on the paper - with a distant Italian countryside view with those tall slim conifers, rolling fields, old stone buildings etc. For decoration, think grape pictures, terracotta bowls, vases, jugs, and maybe have one or two of those raffia-covered chianti bottles, which I think are still available in some off licences. Plants in terracotta pots - maybe geraniums, rosemary, small olive bush, bourganvelia, sage, basil, etc. Maybe some foody pictures of spagetti, pizza, Italian wines/bottles, herbs. Hope these suggestions are some help - I love watching those travel programmes & makeover ones too, so perhaps some of all that has sunk in somewhere, though I've never been to Italy - at least not so far! Good luck!
  • Awe22317039
    on Mar 10, 2018

    P.S. Just occurred to me that we used to put candles in those raffia-covered chianti bottles when we were young & trying to impress friends with our spagetti blognese! They could look very nice on your rustic dining table, or else terracotta candle holders. Just a thought!
    • Paulette Peltan
      Paulette Peltan
      on Mar 29, 2019

      My mom and I used to do that, too. We also melted crayons and dripped them down the bottle, l guess to make it look like many candles had been used in the bottle. I was just a kid. All l knew was it was a fun time with my mom. :)

  • Marilyn Robertson
    Marilyn Robertson
    on Mar 10, 2018

    If your only concern is the valances, pad them, then cover in a fabric (drapery weight) incorporating the warm reds, yellows, and green. Then pick up these colors in other accents and accessories. With this as a base, you can later do walls, etc in colors that blend and suggest the Tuscany look you want.
  • Karen Walker
    Karen Walker
    on Mar 10, 2018

    Perhaps introduce some Ivory with warm golden undertones, pale terra cotta, and perhaps some deep olive colors (the dark purple, almost black) and some hints of olive green. If you look at the images on Google (Tuscany dining decor) the colors are similar to what you have already. There are lots of ivory, muted gold, and deep rich colored wood. There aren't many bold colors.
  • Ljv31556443
    on Mar 10, 2018

    What ever you do on the windows should be mounted at ceiling height to prevent it from looking dark and closed in.
  • Laura Siebrecht
    Laura Siebrecht
    on Mar 13, 2018

    I put beautiful lacy table runners with bright red Flowers up over my dining room window and it is beautiful made a world of difference
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