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Asked on Mar 10, 2018

Insulation to cover Logs

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I bought an older log house and I want to cover the logs with paneling how do I ininsulate
q insulation to cover logs
7 answers
  • Sharon
    on Mar 10, 2018

    I would wash those logs and oil them, this looks very well constructed and chinked.

  • Vimarhonor
    on Mar 10, 2018

    Our previous homeowner just placed standard paneling directly over the logs and painted it to give the bedrooms are more bright and lighter color -to be a break from all brown log walls. The cross members were left as is and painted.
    Im not sure about insulation, sorry.

  • Connie Quine
    on Mar 11, 2018

    We put foil backed insulation sheets up on all our walls behind the paneling. When we built our house, I thought one day I might want to paint or wallpaper the walls, but still I have the paneling up. Anyway, it definitely soundproofed each room, plus the insulation is awesome! Definitely helps with heating and cooling bills!

  • Wilma Bob
    on Mar 11, 2018

    Thank you good idea because a few places the logs slightly separated and on a windy day you can feel the breeze

  • Cindy Wernicke
    on Mar 12, 2018

    Like the previous answer I would clean and oil those logs and re-chink where needed, after you bought a log home.

  • Win21058040
    on Mar 12, 2018

    The one thing you will have to do, especially if this is an outside wall, is to put up a vapor barrier. Otherwise condensation will form and cause mold and eventually rot. This will reduce your inside space substantially. Why did you buy a log cabin if you don't want to see the beauty of the natural wood? Hang a specialty rug or large macrome if you want a change.

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