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Finally Getting to the Finish Line!!

Hi! I am a Marine Mom, and I'll stop right there cuz I could talk for hours about my boy! Anywho, I was in the cold state of NC when I became disabled. I try not to let it stop me, but the cold weather is a killer. So..dot, dot, dot, I told my son that I had to get out of the cold. I was heading south to Florida. His words to me were "Mom. You've already done your job. You've raised me, and I'm doing great. Now it's time for you to live for you for a change. Go, have fun. I love you.". Okay, yeah, after I hung up I cried for hours. Not because I was sad, mind you, but because he had just made me prouder than I ever thought I could be.

Well, got to Florida. Decided I was gonna live exactly in the middle of the state. Safe from hurricanes, right?!?! HA! And God said "I'll show you young lady. Meet Ms. Irma.".  Well, so much for THAT theroy. But He did give me a break and my home was not damaged. You can bet your Aunt Fanny's I thanked Him profusely!

So, I didn't like my kitchen. Yeah, couldn't figure out a way to gracefully go into that.  So, myself and my roommate got to work. Here's a picture or two of what it looked like before. And YES I KNOW it's a mess. Please don't feel like you have to point that out. Thank you.

Time: 2 Months Cost: $40 Difficulty: Easy
I hated the brown color. Always have. And I found some contact paper on eBay that I just fell in love with. Now all I had to do was figure out my colors.

Off to Walmart I went. I found a Primer/Base that was less than $15, so I grabbed 2 and picked out my color and then I picked up a gallon of white to complement the whole thing. I was so excited, I couldn't stand myself.

And then I got the FLU.

I had already taken the flu shot. But so much for that. My roommate also picked up the bug. You didn't think I was going to suffer alone did you? Silly burd! It took me a month before I got back up on my feet.

Anywho.... Other than the curtains, of which I have yet to get hung, everything is. Done. We have talked about putting a clear coat on the cabinet doors and drawers. Eehh... We just might.

But here's the final finished room. And I think I'm going to sleep in here tonight!!
The red shelf over the stove was brown, but I wanted to add something different. So, there ya go. My son made me the shelf when he was a teenager, and it holds salt and pepper shakers that are from my Grandma and my Great Grandma!!
I can't say total time, because we took that break when we were dieing!!!

Would I do it again? In a New York minute. But for now, we're heading into the living room. One blue wall is already done.

I've been dieing to do a picture wall like the one I saw here a while back. As soon as we get the walls painted in rest of the room (a light gray) I'm going to start on my wall. I'm so excited I could just p in my pants!!

Almost forgot! I finally got my pots and pans hung up and...
My tea pots!!

Materials used for this project:

  • Paint   (Walmart)
  • Contact Paper   (eBay)

Ask the creator about this project

  • Wendy
    4 days ago

    What a unique and lovely new look!

    • Mawmawkathy9
      Mawmawkathy9 Leesburg, FL
      4 days ago

      Thank you so much Wendy. I know it's not the "in" style of today, but the Nurse at the Dr's office described it best when she called it a "fun" kitchen. I liked that!!

  • Teresa
    Teresa Tyler, TX
    9 hours ago

    Nice place to retire. Enjoy

  • the contact paper is super fun, and I love the blue paint.

    This is a very happy kitchen.

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