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My Thift Store Challenge

I turned an old pane window into a wall decor.
Time: 1 Days Cost: $2 Difficulty: Easy
So I found this at a thrift store, I love doing old pain windows!
Here are the materials I’m going to use, it’s going in my bedroom, ( I love rustic) so I think I’ll just leave it how it looks
So I did sand it down a little to get rid of any loose paint,
 needed to cut out brackets for the top shelf, and I also measured and cut a piece for the shelf.
Next on the window I removed any pieces of broken glass from the bottom part of window.
Once all my pieces were cut, I began putting my window together,
I glued and nailed the brackets, let that dry, once dried, I added the shelf, glued and nailed also, let that dry.

I then added the inserts of where the glass use to be.  Then I added some old spoons I had on each side of the window as hooks, ( couldn’t decide what kind of hooks I wanted, so I just used old spoons.
And here is the finished product!! I mustvsay, I’m petty pleased on how came out!!

Not to to put it up!!

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Old pane window   (A thrift find)
  • Barrel stave for shelf   (Given to me)
  • Wood pieces for inserts   (Left over scrap pieces)

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