How can I clean jewelry with gemstones?

I have several silver rings with different gemstones in the setting.

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  • Geew Geew on Mar 11, 2018
  • Eil22229440 Eil22229440 on Mar 11, 2018
    My jeweler said to wear it when doing dishes. Simple!!!!
  • Sally Sally on Mar 11, 2018
    Depends on the stone!
  • Margolynluvsu Margolynluvsu on Mar 11, 2018
    I put mine in a sock and put it in the silverware basket of the dishwasher. Great results.
  • JE JE on Mar 11, 2018
    Toothpaste is a great cleaner! If the jewelry has grooves you may need to use a Q-tip to clean in and around them , but a little water or alcohol will will help do the job. Use a very soft cloth to polish with.
  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 11, 2018
    I recommend having valuable jewelry cleaned professionally. That way you can also have the settings checked at the same time.
  • MadameRã MadameRã on Mar 11, 2018
    Use Grants Natural toothpaste & fine make-up brushes// go into all grooves & places( softly firm), let sit half an hour then wash with distilled water slightly warmed up:)))
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