What bush attracts hummingbirds ?

I live in Pennsylvania & love hummingbirds & butterflies.
I am looking to plant a bush that will attract both to my back yard.
Thank you.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 12, 2018
    better homes and gardens have pre planed gardens with a plant list...I believe there is a buttery garden and possibly the hummer garden as well. I’m being held down by 2 cats at the moment....I’ll let you google it.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Mar 12, 2018
    Check to see what your planting zone is and then google something that grows well in your area.

  • Tanya Tanya on Mar 12, 2018
    Butterfly bushes are beautiful and attract both Hummingbird and butterflies.
  • DesertRose DesertRose on Mar 12, 2018
    Red blooms of any kind attract the hummingbirds. We get many of them in our petunias and roses, but you would attract even more with a humming bird feeder or two. Do not put red dye in the feeder, however, as it can kill them. Use clear liquid and use a hummingbird feeder that has faux red flowers where they feed to attract them to the feeder. They will return year after year.
  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Mar 12, 2018
    Hardy hibiscu, butterfly bush, trumpet vine,
  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Mar 12, 2018
    A butterfly bush (if available in your area) does what you want. We had a whole hedge here in SE Washington. However they will grow like crazy and needs to be severely trimmed each year. You can whack it down to within a foot of the ground in the fall and it will be well above your head by summer.
  • Lynn Beiler Lynn Beiler on Mar 12, 2018
    Thank you for all the answers & help. Can't wait till summer for all my hummingbirds & butterflies.
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