Inexpensive ideas to update a mobile home

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  • Chris Chris on Mar 14, 2018
    We had one a few years ago, 1970’s, dark panelping everywhere, we primed and painted every room. It made a huge difference.
  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 14, 2018
    Get creative with paint is the cheapest thing you can do.
  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 14, 2018
    We also improved the window and door moldings and it made a big difference.
  • Janice Janice on Mar 14, 2018
    Yes, paint (nice flat, matte) in a light color will make a Huge! difference. Also, if you have drapes changing them can make a bit difference as well. Keep your decor neutral overall, with bright accents you love. Also, lighting can make quite a difference. Maybe upgrade your lights with LED bulbs or change out lampshades by covering with a piece of fabric you love. Paint will do the most for the least.
  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Mar 14, 2018
    Really all depends on what year of a mobilehomes your talking about? Those older motorhome were pretty rough to say the least, but certainly gives lots of options for improvement too! Biggest things I ran into with remodeling mobile homes was how many were wired with their electrical. You pull down a light fixture as a example expecting 2-3 wires and find 16-20 wires or more! They use the light fixture as a conjunction box to connect wiring throughout the mobile home! So you really need to be careful with your wiring. Especially with the older homes being the wires can break or end up with a bad connection some where else in the home when you start moving wires around! It’s not hard at all to end up needing a electrician to solve your wiring problems! So if you pull down a light fixture from your ceiling and find a octopus of wires, this is what’s going on with your wiring! Really no wonder how these older mobile homes caught on fire! Many have very sketchy wiring in them! In fact the 2005 manufactured home, which really just another fancy name for a mobile home for the most part! I was shocked how poorly it was wired too! There was 4 boxes on the wall by the front door and each box had 2 light switches! My lady I ended up living with after her husband passed away and we met and moved in together In this home. These lights switches were all messed up! You could turn on the porch light with one switch and yet hit another switch and the lights would go off on the porch! Lights were daisy chained together with just one hot line. Obviously just to save some money on wiring rather than doing it right! I ended up having to disconnect all the wiring and having to go thru each wire one at a time and figure out which were supposed to be hot wires and where they went and which were the neutral return lines. Scary part is I found a bare copper wire that had power running thru it! When I got it all wired up correctly, I found that the 4 light switches that were wired up actually had one switch that went to nothing and didn’t need any wires to it at all! It’s just lucky for my lady she met me where I could redo the wiring correctly without her having to hire a electrician that would of cost her a fortune to have the electrician figure out the mess in the wiring that I have she’s not had to pay for! Her deceased husband was actually electrocuted in the garage replacing a fluorescent light bulb and happen to touch a metal pipe while touching the light with his other hand and had 220 volts run thru his body. He survived, but it shatter his shoulder and it was never right after that. He ended up disabled due to that electrical shock! Obviously he sued the manufacturer and got a lot of money! But it could of killed him! Odds of seeing these issues in new construction stick homes is slim to none. But for some reason these manufactured homes are not checked for poor workmanship or errors like a foundation Home is and I have no idea why? I really don’t think these manufactured homes are being wired by qualified electricians? Their certainly not following codes and not being checked by inspectors at all! So I can’t stress enough to watch your wiring and don’t take anything for granted thatva wire isn’t hot or is wired properly where if you touch a a metal pipe and a fixture at the same time your not going to light up like a Christmas tree! Hate to see or hear someone got killed from someone’s poor electrical work!
    Cabinet is another thing that were poorly built in mobile homes, even in the more modern mobile homes or manufactured homes the cabinets quality is horrible! So replacing cabinets can also make a huge difference and give much better use of your kitchen! I’ve been remodeling different mobile homes for over 25 years off and on when someone wants to put money into their mobile home! You just never know what problems you’re going to run across? Hope for the best but prepare for the worst!
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