Ideas to help fix up an un-finished basement on a tight budget?

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  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 14, 2018
    how do you use your basement? do you need storage, laundry, rec room for kids and parties?
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 14, 2018
    Start with one area at a time. Get some graph paper and measure out what you would like for rooms and size. Does it have any rooms roughed out at all or is it just a blank slate. The first place to start once you decide how you want it laid out is the laundry room if it is in the basement since it probably is being used right now. Be sure you have a family room or play room for kids. If you do a lot of crafts or other work, make sure you have a craft room with a work bench that is sturdy so it can be used for hobbies or with tools for repairs, etc. Make built in closets and cupboards for that room for organizing everything and shelves, peg boards for tools, etc. We have a store room where the sump is that has two work benches, a wall of shelves and what looks like a huge entertainment center that takes up the fourth wall. I have never had that in a house before, and I love it! There is no pantry in the house, so the extra canned goods, etc. all go down there. If you don't have one in the rest of the house, make an extra bedroom down there and set it up so that when it isn't being used you can use it for a quiet area to read, have the exercise equipment, etc.
  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 14, 2018
    The main thing is to have it dry with good air quality. Depending on what walls are you could paint them with Drylok to prevent moisture. And you could seal the concrete floor to prevent moisture. Then if there are vent windows put a vent fan in one to improve air quality. Sometimes just painting the ceiling and all the pipes black makes them all disappear.
    What are you planning on using it for?
  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 14, 2018
    make sure that any water issues aren't issues before you begin.
  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 17, 2018
    if you can use larger rugs instead of carpet, it makes for easire clean up. if you want to section an area off for the family room, you can staple curtians or drapes to the rafters. If electricity is is handy.set up a small table for a microwave, dorm fridge. Tv. My second tv is in my basement....I’m in tornado ally. It helps when the warnings start.
  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 19, 2018
    is the basement a dry one or does water occasionally appear? I would use rugs meant for an out door patio. no wood product on legs feet on furniture. if you have patio furniture bring that in and use it for the winter.
    you can use curtains to divide the family room part from the utility room part. tv /cable in place? make a viewing area. if electric is available a small fridge stocked with beverages and snacks. my basement is unfinished also. I'm in tornado country....the tv helps when the weather gets nasty and the warnings go out.
  • DL DL on Mar 07, 2021

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