Asked on Mar 14, 2018

Looking for the lace doilie reuse with starch or glue

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  • Eleanor Korf
    on Mar 14, 2018

    You might be able to find it on-line.
  • Emily
    on Mar 14, 2018

    For stiffening a lace doily just clean it, then while wet, put it in a strong mixture of starch. Lay it to dry on a piece of waxed paper, shaping it in the way the piece is supposed to look.
  • Jean Wildrick Hoffmann
    on Mar 14, 2018

    thank you all for the reply. it is liquid starch not glue, I just wasn't sure.

  • Dana Mason
    on Mar 18, 2018

    you can also use sugar water. You put 1 cup sugar to a pot and add 1/2 cup water. Put on the stove and cook slowly well under medium heat. Stir constantly until sugar is dissolved. Let sugar water cool.
    Next, under the tap in your sink, place the crochet piece under the clean water and squeeze out the excess, then dip the doily in the sugar water and lightly squeeze out and drape over your desired shape or place on wax paper, baking sheet, or flat and leave to dry.
    Drying can be sped up with a fan blowing on it..... but do not put in the oven.
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