Asked on Mar 16, 2018

How can I get my white cabinets white again, they look yellowish to me



5 answers
  • Jean
    on Mar 16, 2018

    if the surface is tacky or the dust balls up when you rub it, use TSP to remove the cooking film (a toothbrush helps to get into trim details if you have it)
    if not? try a strong solution of Oxyclean and very hot water.

  • Jcraw
    on Mar 16, 2018

    You can also try Scrubbing Bubbles or good old vinegar/water with a bit of Dawn. I’d experiment on the inside of cabinet doors. Be sure to rinse clean without drenching and use microfiber cloths. They rub without scratching.
  • Paula
    on Mar 18, 2018

    Paint em?
  • Sharon
    on Mar 19, 2018

    Is it kitchen grease? Clean with a degreaser like Dollar Tree Awesome Degreaser and or the Awesome Orange. If they are vinyl cabinets, they maybe aging causing them to turn yellow. You would need to repaint them following directions for thermafoil cabinets.... don't sand too hard, and use an acrylic paint.
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