Asked on Apr 26, 2014

I need opinions on drawing/painting on this piece

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I have a campaign table top from the 50's. I am looking for an artist to do a painting/drawing on this piece (I cant draw flies) for a wall hanging or stand alone. Question; do you think the art would look better on the hinged side or the flat side? I like both ideas. I have also included a couple "arts" that I think would look great on the piece... Thoughts?
The table folds up as show and I can mail it to any artist anywhere! I am looking for someone to fall in love with this....
Table top. Table is 26" x 36" Note the old cigarette burn from year ago. I left it as a sign of the times but it is also very deep to sand out
Table bottom. Both sides have been lightly sanded and a single seal coat done.
Folded, easy to ship if packaged right!
This art would be awesome
and so would this I think!
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  • Lisa
    on Apr 26, 2014

    What an awesome find! I think, if you're leaning towards horses, you might want the art on the smooth side. On the other hand, the right artist might be able to incorporate the hinges into the work. I can't wait to see what you and the artist come up with! Beautiful piece!

  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S
    on Apr 26, 2014

    Wow! It would be stunning to use the hinge side and incorporate the hinges into a painting of bamboo with them being the "joints"on the bamboo! It could go into a corner with a beautiful, tall live bamboo-like plant beside it,..both lighted and a chair sitting next to it! Be sure and post results.

  • Gilda Marconi
    Gilda Marconi
    on Apr 26, 2014

    just love it. my imagination is going wild with what ideas I could with this.

  • Moxie
    on Apr 26, 2014

    Whatever you have will be amazing; all that texture and history just screaming to be adored! Great project!!! Please post pics when it is complete. I think one of those pics they do with varied stains would be super cool; course if it was mine I would do the blowing dandelions stencil with light/dark stain...good wishes in finding a horsey artist!

  • Mitziblueyes
    on Apr 27, 2014


  • GR
    on Apr 27, 2014

    I prefer the second image as you can still see so much of the original wood, the table top is absolutely beautiful either side. Good luck with finding a sympathetic artist!

  • Rose Fisher
    Rose Fisher
    on Apr 27, 2014

    I love the hinged side, so much texture to work with, very unusual and wonderful find. If I lived near you I would be there in a flash. BTW go to your local college and find the art department, should have lots of students who would just love to take your project on.

  • Sherry Knott
    Sherry Knott
    on Apr 28, 2014

    I love the painting/drawing of the horsehead! But...other ideas might include thinking along another path attaching old things-- horsehoes? I love using the beautiful old decorative drawer and door knobs, saw one similar done with antique locks and keys. Your possibilities are endless with this beautiful piece! Good luck and please post pics when finished! :-)

  • Michelle Kolbenstetter
    Michelle Kolbenstetter
    on Apr 28, 2014

    I like the idea of horses. In keeping with the rustic nature of the table, I would go with a primitive style painting of a single horse in full gallop. Or a silhouette of a horse in full gallop, with a few directional NSEW, letters underneath, (like an old fashioned weather vane). or with the NSEW letters on each 4 sides of the table surrounding the silhouette. Optionally, you could paint it to look like an old sign - Primitive horse/horse silhouette and the words "FARRIER SERVICE" or something like that. The colors of the can be complimentary to your color scheme, or black for dramatic effect. If you go with the hinged side, you would have to decide if you want the hinges painted over where ever the image covers, or taped off and left unpainted. If you like my idea I could send you a couple of sketches. I'm assuming you intend to use this as a wall hanging or headboard and not as a table.

  • Theresa Hughes
    Theresa Hughes
    on Apr 28, 2014

    Great piece for an artists canvas i am an amatuer artist in ny state who would be very interested in this piece as to the question hinged side or slat side that would depend on the piece you are looking to have done on it if it is something where the hinges could be incorporated into the piece i would say hinged side but if not i would say slat side as that is a flat surface to work on with that in mind what type of piece are you looking to have done i see from the 2 examples of art here that you seem to like horses what else are you into do you like nautical themes as this woud translate well to this wood also personally i love nautical themes and equinne/western themes but you want the piece to be reflective of your taste and likes as well as the rest of the theme in that room if you have a room theme but should at least blend in wih the rest of the decore let me know if you are interested in having me create the piece as well as all pertinent information either way hope you enjoy your piece and best of luck and hope i gave you some good ideas/ information

  • Redeemwood
    on Apr 29, 2014

    As a note; Anyone interested in contacting me directly ..... if we "follow" each other on hometalk then we can direct message. So follow me and I will follow you in return and send you a message to contact each other. If you are interested in the campaign table lets talk in this method!

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