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Asked on Mar 17, 2018

Linoleum bathroom floor

Charlotte EricksonSharonCathy Cook


Linoleum bathroom floor
The floor is getting like I’m not sure what to call it it’s like bubbles or it’s like too big for the floor
At first I thought there was water but I checked and there isn’t is there a way to fix this without removing the whole floor
q linoleum bathroom floor
q linoleum bathroom floor
8 answers
  • Anonamouse5
    on Mar 17, 2018

    I wonder if the floor has delaminated and the top layer is now stretching. How old is it and is it a name brand? I would go back to the retailer and see if they will address the problem. I hope its still under warranty.
  • William
    on Mar 17, 2018

    I agree! It looks like the top layer separated from the bottom layer and stretching. Especially if it was glued down. More likely cause from traffic. Would need to be replaced.
  • Rachel's Trash~2~Treasures
    on Mar 18, 2018

    Well, judging from the fact that's it's in a corner, im thinking that's not a very high traffic area. Do you have kids? Cuz if I'm being honest, it looks like someone was pushing against the linoleum with their heels. The other commenters are right though, that's defiantly separated. And defiantly needs to be replaced. I did my grandparents master bath with peel and stick linoleum tiles, super Cheap. Think I paid around 40 to do the entire bathroom. Might be worth looking into
  • Sally-Charles Evans
    on Mar 18, 2018

    In the mean time, if it is not under warranty....try removing the quarter round and see if another coat of glue (maybe contact cement) and some smoothing and pressure would remove the wrinkles. Then trim the excess that you have pushed toward the wall edge. To me it looks like the installer left too much butted against the wall and it has eventually lifted and wrinkled.
    • Char
      on Mar 18, 2018

      That’s what I was thinking
      I was going to try to fix it myself
      I’m going to try and start working on it next weekend
      im Thinking if I remove base boards and lift it re glue. Maybe?
  • Bijous
    on Mar 18, 2018

    This is rolled vinyl. There is no underlayment attached to it. If there's no water, is there excessive heat such as from a dishwasher? Either way, this needs to be taken up and replaced. Sorrry.
  • Cathy Cook
    on Mar 18, 2018

    Had the same thing happen in our kitchen and breakfast room. It was armstrong and hey made it good. Said it was a mystery.
  • Sharon
    on Mar 19, 2018

    I would definitely pursue a solution from the product manufacturer, find the warranty or contact who installed it for you, call their 800 number. Do this before you do any home repairs yourself as that might void the warranty.
  • Charlotte Erickson
    on Mar 20, 2018

    its gotta go

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