Kitchen ceiling help, any suggestions?

I bought a home that was built in 1962 and am in the process of updating it. I have some bad patchwork which was done on the kitchen ceiling. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to affordably cover this?
q kitchen ceiling help any suggestions
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q kitchen ceiling help any suggestions
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  • Jcraw Jcraw on Mar 17, 2018
    Probably easiest to put up bead board. Easier to cut and lighter weight than wallboard.
  • Pat Russell Pat Russell on Mar 17, 2018
    Have you checked for a water leak? It appears to be at a seam in the ceiling construction, but don't know what would cause the failure. Strip off the tape and see what's happening. If it seems solid, you can re-tape and bed and paint. Best wishes.
  • Deb K Deb K on Mar 17, 2018
    Hi, if it`s fairly straight You could put up a faux beam to cover it,
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 17, 2018
    It looks like they had a leak in the past and did a really bad patch job and possibly didn't repair the leak right. Moisture is what usually causes cracks like that. Check before you re do the patch job to make sure that everything up there is dry, if some is moist, you may want to find out where the leak is coming from and make sure it is fixed right this time and replace any wet ceiling area before it fails and causes more problems. Good luck, I had the same thing when my son bought his house in the bathroom, and still don't know where the water is coming from and it has been three years.
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    • Ronald Johnson Ronald Johnson on Mar 20, 2018
      Be very very sure to go up there on a rainy day, with luck you can stop the leak this time for sure. Otherwise, you will have moisture problems for some time. Take a measuring tape with you. If you find where it is coming in (it can be tricky, e.g., may be coming in higher and running down, or across and dropping off at the point you see it), mark the spot somehow, see if it is coming in not far from a vent pipe, or some interruption in the roofline. You will have to be able to find it from the top side, once the rain stops. Finally, don't try to go back and fix it in the rain, it is not worth 2 to 3 weeks in the hospital. lol Good luck from Prattville, AL
  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 17, 2018
    Looks like all of that seam needs to be levelled off by removing all of the exposed debris, tape the seam again and put more spackle on to level it out, prime and then paint.
  • Debra S Debra S on Mar 17, 2018
    I feel your pain... quite a few of the seams of my walls/ceilings are separating too. Hubby blames "poor workmanship" on it. He may be right... I'm frustrated over it.