Cement Step Repair: Get Your Curb Appeal Back in One Day!

2 Hours

After a long cold winter we had to repair our cement steps. I'm guessing you might have to do this, too. So I decided to share how we fixed our steps in one and got our curb appeal back for the spring season!! You can totally DIY this same project and save some money for spring flowers.
For a complete step-by-step video you can also visit my blog post over on Home Repair Tutor.
Let me know if you've got any questions because I'd be happy to help :)
Remove any loose or crumbling cement.
Drill holes into the old cement step with a hammer drill and Tapcon drill bit.
Add Tapcon screws to the step using. Their heads should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch below the new cement surface. Tapcons will help the new cement adhere to the old surface.
Remove dust with a brush or shop vac.
Apply bonding adhesive to step surface. This will help the new cement bond to the old cement.
Make a wood form that's as wide and tall as the old step.
Use Quikrete Quick-Setting cement. This sets up in 15-20 minutes. So you'll need to work fast.
Apply the new cement using a steel trowel.
Fill-in any voids using a margin trowel.
Shape the step edge using an edging tool.
Smooth the cement surface using a grout sponge.
Seal the new cement according to the directions.
Cover the new cement with plastic and keep moist.

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  • Colleen Crabill-Fletcher
    on Jul 26, 2018

    This looks so nice. I might try to pull the wood that is over mine and try this. Also anybody have any ideas for my cement stoop? I have been trying to figure out how to repair and wondering if the same technique would work for the forms. But this would be difficult to make forms because of the shape and over hang. Any ideas???

  • Vera
    on Feb 26, 2019

    I have cracks in my cement steps outside. Makes it look very unattractive. When the men put the steps in they put in one long piece of granite on the top of each step. Since it is an attached house the pieces cracked. How can I fix it can I put something on top of each step? Vera

    House Would have been better to put in two smaller pieces.

  • Sherrie Bryan
    on Apr 9, 2020

    Hi will this work on old sidewalk? It needs parts filled in actually.

    Thank you

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