Asked on Mar 20, 2018

How can I clean my laminate floors?

Susan kromDDNancy Turner


However I clean my laminate floors, there seems to be a film left behind. The floors always look dull and leave shoe or paw imprints. Please help!

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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Mar 20, 2018

    what are you using when cleaning them?
  • SM
    on Mar 20, 2018

    I have the same problem, and wondered if my soft water was causing a problem. I am going to try using non-soft or distilled.
  • Nancy Turner
    on Mar 20, 2018

    Use plain water and a barely damp sponge, rag or mop. Do small areas at a time and dry right away with soft rags. This may remove any residual that you have on the flooring. Rinse the mop or whatever you are using frequently and change the water in the bucket if it even thinks about getting cloudy. Once the residual is gone, the flooring should look as it should. You may need to rinse out what you clean with more frequently, or could be using to much of what you put in the water and it leaves a film.
  • Susan krom
    on Mar 20, 2018

    Yes, barely damp microfiber mop with just warm water. Also Pledge makes a concentrate for hard floor surfaces-I under measure the concentrate to insure no residue and use a spray bottle to mix it up with water and spray a small area and mop and repeat. I like it because it just leaves a little slight fragrance behind and seems a bit cleaner to me than plain water.
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