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Sally South
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Asked on Mar 20, 2018

Cleaning around water jets



My Jacuzzi tub looks pretty good except for ring around the jets. They have yellowed. Any ideas?
q cleaning around water jets
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  • Amy Ogden-Paparone
    on Mar 20, 2018

    Hi Sally! They look as if they're plastic, and if that's the case, it's almost impossible to whiten them. Perhaps you can find the make and model of your Jacuzzi tub and buy replacement ones. You could also try painting them with this... It's used on boats and in marina's for all different weather conditioned things. Seeing as they are small, it should be pretty easy, just make sure you give it at the very least 24 hours to dry.
  • Ken
    on Mar 20, 2018

    These are not unclean, plastic just yellows with age. Good news is that they are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace if you cannot tolerate the color. They do carry the Jacuzzi brand:

    You could try disassembling and painting the trim but I would not expect paint to be durable in this kind of use.

  • Charlee Hunter
    on Mar 20, 2018

    I have used vinegar and baking soda (make a scrub) with some success.
  • Fiddledd224
    on Mar 20, 2018

    I would contact the manufacturer and see what it costs to replace them. Unless you spray paint them with specially made paint (which will flake off when the jets are turned on) there isn't much you can do for discolored plastic.
  • Marg
    on Mar 20, 2018

    Equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray should do the job for you. It cleans rust rings around the drain and hard water. Good luck.
  • Jewellmartin
    on Mar 20, 2018

    Hi, Sally! Thanks for including a photo. Are you aware that the jets can be unscrewed and removed for cleaning, painting or replacing? Make sure the water is turned off if you can. And be sure to screw them back in tightly. The jets ought to work better and look better, whichever method you choose. Best wishes ☺️
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