Bookshelves and Curtain Rods

It won’t be what you expect... rain gutters for book shelves and curtain rods on the ceiling! A couple small projects to finish off a room.
Time: 4 HoursCost: $40Difficulty: Easy
  • bookshelves and curtain rods
A finished view with the lights on. Our youngest two daughters share a room so, to make the best use of space, they have a bunk bed. The problem with a bunk bed is that usually the top bunk, albeit cool because it’s the top, is usually pretty bare. Our daughter loves to read but doesn’t want the books on her bed when she sleeps and if she reads before she falls asleep, she doesn’t want to have to get down to put the books away.
  • bookshelves and curtain rods
I didn’t want a regular shelf because then things will too easily fall off so, I decided to use a plastic rain gutter. We had to buy it really long, but my husband cut it down to the size I requested with a saw. It cut quite easily. I had my daughter sand the edges really good, then, I had my hubby help me screw them into the wall! You can see we used quite a few screws. She won’t be filling them but we want them to hold well.
  • bookshelves and curtain rods
We ended up with two. They are both about 24” long and I off set them for interest.
  • bookshelves and curtain rods
Then for the curtain rods... my second daughter (not whose room it is) crawled up to keep us entertained. haha... Again, my hubby helped with screwing the curtain rods up, 3 in total. The one you see him putting up here is attached to the wall, but the other two are attached on the ceiling.
  • bookshelves and curtain rods
Here you can see what they look like done. They are just simple ones from the dollar store.
  • bookshelves and curtain rods
I had this great piece of see through fabric which I have been waiting to use and this was perfect! I finished the edges then sewed a sleeve (is that what it’s called? haha) for the end attached to the wall so it would go on like a curtain. The rest, I just draped over the rods and let it fall down the end of the bunk bed. The only thing I have to find a solution for, is so it doesn’t pull down.... we will see...
  • bookshelves and curtain rods
Another finished view, but with just her flower light on. She loves it and I am so happy all the ideas from in my head actually worked out! 😊

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  • Wendy
    Wendy Far Rockaway, NY
    on Mar 21, 2018

    What a fantastic project!!

    • Liz
      Liz Saint Peter, MN
      on Mar 24, 2018

      Great ideas! If you have trouble keeping the fabric in place, just get some of the self adhesive Velcro dots...adjust the fabric to your liking, place a pin where you want the dots, attach assembled Velcro to fabric, and press to rod. Easy peasy!!!

        • Karina
          Karina Nashville, TN
          on Mar 25, 2018

          You could sew another similar in color fabric to the top side, leave it open on each end thus making additional sleeves and you never have to worry about them sliding off again.