I love my shoe rack!

I picked one up at a garage sale for $3 a LONG time ago and it's been working great to keep my 21 pairs of shoes on the back of the door and off the floor for a long time. Also, in my 2 small closets, one in our first home and now in our 2nd, we purchased a ClosetMaid closet organizer which provided rods for short and long clothes as well as multiple shelves which store our sweaters and sweatshirts. I'm sure the use of them more than doubled the available storage space in those closets and helped me retain my sanity . . . and kept our clothes looking decent when we pulled them out to wear. I know when we sold our first home the wife was very excited to see that closet organizer in the small closet in the largest bedroom! It's AMAZING what a difference they make! We installed both of them ourselves, too, so it's kind of DIY ; )

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