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Asked on Mar 22, 2018

My bathroom mirrors are framed in mirror pieces that are water damaged

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5 answers
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Mar 22, 2018

    ok can the mirror be removed?
  • Jcraw
    on Mar 22, 2018

    just my opinion, but I think it was probably deliberate. As in interesting contrast.
  • Shore grandmom
    on Mar 22, 2018

    How did they get water damage? It could be a problem, you should figure that out before doing anything else. Then fix the problem. After that, I would take them down and either replace with a mirror for a bathroom or a medicine cabinet.
  • Dmo7794662
    on Mar 22, 2018

    Depending on your style, I think it would be neat to use the mercury glass spray paint on the smaller “frame” pieces.

  • Chubby58
    on Mar 23, 2018

    Try putting wood molding around your mirrors to cover the pieces that are water damaged, if it’s just around the edges.
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