Asked on Mar 23, 2018

My dinette chairs have a maple finish; how can I refinish them ?

WendyKay SpanglerMary J Cooper


They are heavy duty but the finish has worn off in places

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  • Janet Panos
    on Mar 23, 2018

    Hello. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you through the process of refinishing your dining room chairs. Click on the link below to view. Good luck!

  • Sue
    on Mar 23, 2018

    If you want to keep the wood look, use a good stripper like Citristrip to remove the finish. This is a really easy stripper to use but follow the instructions. Then sand them down. Your chairs will look beautiful. You can choose to stain them either darker or lighter. If you want to paint them, you can use chalk paint which requires little to no prep other than just a good cleaning.
  • Eileen
    on Mar 23, 2018

    the easiest and effective furniture re-finisher I have used is Formbys.
  • Mary J Cooper
    on Mar 23, 2018

    If you want to keep them the same color then you need to sand then lightly to remove the. finish and remove any markes. Thenstain them with the color you want.Seal them with a varnish ,wax or what ever your choice might be. If you are wanting to paint them then follow the same procedur if you were staining them, only prime them then paint.
  • Kay Spangler
    on Mar 23, 2018

    Well, there's several things you could do. There's also an easy way and a harder way.
    1. you could lightly sand, prime, then paint and seal.
    2. you could sand, or chemically sand to strip old sealer, then restain and reseal.
    3. gel stain. Clean well, lightly sand, wipe off dust, then use gel stain. There's lots of b & a pics and videos out there. Just google gel stain.
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