Asked on Mar 23, 2018

What are good bedroom wall colors

Joanne Layton WoodsJeanPhs31447947


My furniture is off while kinda cottage style and I like navy comforters

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  • Dmo7794662
    on Mar 23, 2018

    There is a sherwin Williams color called Buttermilk that would be neutral without being stark bright. Very pretty with a cottage feel.
  • Lisa York-Wallace Ormsby
    on Mar 23, 2018

    another Sherwin Williams color i love is Temperate Taupe. It will go with most any color and blue would go very nicely.
  • Fiddledd224
    on Mar 23, 2018

    Navy is a neutral, so any color will look great. Personally, I like a subdued bedroom pallet (it is more restful), so I would go with any light dusty neutral (a color with gray undertones) like dusty rose, seafoam green, or mushroom/gray.. This is a great way to decide - your main color should be 60% of the room's color (your walls), your accent color (Navy) should be 30% and the last color at 10% should be a contrasting accent color.

    So for your bedroom, I would pick a light gray for the walls, Navy for your comforters, curtains, etc. and salmon/coral for accents (pillows, rugs, etc.)
  • Phs31447947
    on Mar 24, 2018

  • Jean
    on Mar 24, 2018

    I like the buttermilk idea, or the gray neutrals. Go pick a few samples and get sample sheets that you can paint on. Then you can tape on wall by your bed or dresser see which you like best.
  • Joanne Layton Woods
    on Mar 24, 2018

    Do you like these

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