Asked on Mar 23, 2018

Best cleaning solution around dogs

Carol Marszalek27524803Itsmemic


Hello I am writing to ask the community for cleaning solutions for a house with three dogs I'm a clean freak to a degree I'm not compulsive but i am very clean and I don't like to use chemicals very often i use soaps instead because of my boy's they get into everything so bleaching products only get used when I block off the rooms till they are completely washed & dried 100% which can be a real pain so I'm writing to ask what would be as sanitary as commercial cleaning products but not dangerous to animals I'm sure there's gotta be some I'd love to clean without setting up gates also my boy's are allowed on my chairs couches and furniture so I wont use chemicals there either any suggestions would be great

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  • Amanda
    on Mar 23, 2018

    Hello. I use Method Products. There are all natural and work well. I also use a lot of baking soda and vinegar. I use them both making a paste to clean my shower, sinks, and oven. Then I use 50/50 vinegar and water to wipe my counters down. You can also use ammonia and water for your floors.
  • Sharon
    on Mar 23, 2018

    7th Generation products are a nice non-toxic brand.
  • DebM
    on Mar 23, 2018

    Vinegar and water is an excellent cleaning solution for most things. Murphy's oil soap is great for wood. Laundry detergent and oxy clean are great for upholstery and carpets.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Mar 23, 2018

    for natural products browse through here....
  • Liv
    on Mar 23, 2018

    Use vinegar.
  • Sjs15083946
    on Mar 23, 2018

    odo ban is a great product easy to find at stores have used it for a number of years
  • Nancy Turner
    on Mar 23, 2018

    I agree with DebM, vinegar should not be toxic at all, but it has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties and also is excellent for helping with odor in upholstery or any surface. If you use it on fabric or carpet, spritz an unseen spot and let it dry to make sure it doesn't alter the color of fabric/surface at all.
  • Itsmemic
    on Mar 23, 2018

    I use Murphys Oil Soap...and DrBronners Peppermint shampoo....all totally nontoxic...and smell devine ! a dog groomer/trainer and only use natural products
  • 27524803
    on Mar 23, 2018

    I have steam cleaners... a hand held one... that can be used on counter surfaces, baths, showers... and a mop type of one to use on floors (we had an old dog who had a incontinence problem and tile floors).
  • Carol Marszalek
    on Mar 23, 2018

    Alvin Corn Homemade Glass Cleaner
    1/4 c. rubbing alcohol
    1/4 c. white vinegar
    1 Tbsp cornstarch
    2 c. warm water
    Combine everything in a spray bottle, and shake well. Shake well before using, too, as the cornstarch might settle at the bottom (and subsequently plug the spray mechanism if it’s not mixed in well). Works On other surfaces as well
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