Why is deadheading important

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  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Mar 23, 2018
    Deadheading is an important task to keep up with in the garden throughout the growing season. Most flowers lose their attraction as they fade, spoiling the overall appearance of a garden or individual plants. As flowers shed their petals and begin to form seed heads, energy is focused into the development of the seeds, rather than the flowers. Regular deadheading, however, channels the energy into the flowers, resulting in healthier plants and continued bloom. Snapping or cutting dead flower heads can enhance the flowering performance of many perennials.

  • It encourages new growth and far more blooms! 🌹 Otherwise some plants will "go to seed."

  • AmAtHome AmAtHome on Mar 23, 2018
    Most people think plants look better with spent blooms removed, deadheading also promotes more blooms. I also find I have less problems with plant pests (aphids, mealybugs, etc) when I deadhead regularly.

  • It Promotes additional growth and flowering.

  • When some plants are allowed to "go to seed", it acts as a trigger to the plant that it's job is done and no further seed production (flowers) is necessary

  • Christel Christel on Mar 25, 2018
    I agree with Connie...plus the plant is putting all its energy into creating the seeds instead of creating more flowers.

  • Missy George Kull Missy George Kull on Mar 25, 2018
    deadheading eliminates the need to supply nutrients to the dead flower and stimulates the plant roots. It's the reason to trim back bushes once a year. It renews your plants and stimulate new and healthy growth.