What is the best way to pull off wallpaper?

We purchased a home and half of the wallpaper was already off in the master bath. I have never worked with wallpaper so could use help on how to get it off
q what is the best way to pull off wallpaper
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  • Score and steam! Score score score, then steam the heck out of it.

    Any tool rental will have what you need!

  • Geew Geew on Mar 24, 2018
    Take a wet sponge and soak the wallpaper, letting the water soak into it for a while. The water should soak through the paper with time (about 30 minutes, check it to make sure it's moist and soft). The purpose of the water is to weaken the glue the paper was applied with.
    Once you're confident the paper has loosened/softened, take your scraper and work the paper up from an open end or hole in the paper.
    Using a wallpaper steamer (you can also use a clothes steamer if you have one), is a major project, but very effective for stubborn paper. You’ll need a paper scraper, a wallpaper steamer, a baking pan (to hold the steamer when you’re not holding it), and a wallpaper razor scraper. To protect yourself, you should also have rubber gloves and a long-sleeved shirt.
    Make sure you cover the floors next to the baseboards, the waste will be sticky and wet, you don't want to get your floors mucked up.
  • Carol Thomas Carol Thomas on Mar 24, 2018
    One cup of warm water with 1/4 cup fabric softener in a spray bottle works wonders to loosen wallpaper. You will most likely need to score the wallpaper first since most nowadays has a washable coating that won't let the mixture soak in. There is a great tool for this called a paper tiger. It has little teeth that penetrate the surface. If you decide not to use the paper tiger, you will need to peel of small sections of the top coat, spray, let soak for a few minutes...then pull off what is loose. This is a bit of a slow process, but totally doable.
    After removing the wallpaper, be sure to wash the wall to remove any glue residue before painting. Good luck!
  • Tar27423948 Tar27423948 on Mar 24, 2018
    just buy wallpaper stripper solution at HomeDepot etc. and foll directions -be sure to let it soak awhile before removing. All wash the walls after removal if you plan to paint the walls as there will be residue paste.
  • Rick Rick on Mar 24, 2018
    There are several ways to approach this project. If you have worked with wallpaper before it would be helpful but most of us DIY's learn on the job, so to speak. Since you just purchased your home I would suggest "free techniques" first. I faced the same thing as your photo. First you have to "score" the wallpaper to allow the stripper to get behind the wallpaper. I mixed water, a little "Blue Dawn, the kind they clean birds that swan in an oil spill, $0.99, and plain white vinegar. Put in a spray bottle, put old towels on floor for protection & do one area at a time. Good luck !!! Rick Allen
  • Gail Morey Gail Morey on Mar 24, 2018
    I tried steam and it was more effort than it was worth. Try spraying the wallpaper with fabric softner. This is what I wound up using. I had to do a lot of patching with spackling. It was the original wallpaper, and I was left with gouges. I painted, and went over the walls with a sponge and a different color paint. It covered all the imperfections. I guess it was like a faux finish. It turned out really well. Wish I could post a picture, but I was not born with the tech gene. Good luck.

  • Linda Hunter Linda Hunter on Mar 27, 2018
    Spray with warm vinegar water and if layer is left on wall scrape lightly Don’t disturb wall board paper. Sand lightly If rough after it dries.It also helps to use a scoring tool.That leaves holes in paper so that water can get to the back of wallpaper

  • Barb Barb on Mar 27, 2018
    Here’s what I used and I got it off in a jiffy 📌💪
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