Asked on Mar 25, 2018

Last years banana plant looks rotted, will it come back?



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  • Essie
    on Mar 25, 2018

    It really depends on your USDA planting hardiness zone. In cooler areas, banana plants are grown as annuals. If you are in a warmer area and your plant has been growing for years, here is a link that may help shed light on your plant's problem:
    • Carbley
      on Mar 26, 2018

      Everything above ground can rot and the banana root can still harbor life - if it didn't get cold enough for freezing below ground. Usually, leave the old stalks in place (helps protect the root) and mulch around. Cut them back when it is warmer. If you don's see the green stalk coming up from below ground when it starts to get warm - start over with a new root!
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