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Sherry Black
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Asked on Mar 25, 2018

Have 3 Labradoodle have wrecked back yard plants What to do?

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Nothing but mud when it rains,need grass or area seperated from dogs but easy upkeep on a budget I live with two daughters and not getting any younger,They are so hard on a yard have literally eaten rocks bark plants grass twigs but we love them and they need space HELP✌️

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  • Nancy Turner
    on Mar 25, 2018

    We have the same problem, we have four dogs, and three of them know no boundaries when they are chasing around and wrestling, or running after thrown balls. We live on property that has three tiers, with the house being on the first and largest one. We have no grass left behind the house until you get to the top of the second tier which is where the full sun starts. We are thinking of putting pavers down behind the house to the end of the first tier. It would give them plenty of running room, and we will leave out the hostas that are still alive around the birch tree and also the ones around the elm on top of the second tier. I tried to put in some of the wire push in fencing around the trees, but they trampled it and carried it all over the yard and ended up with a ball of fencing being carried around the yard. The only way to have gardens is to fence them in or be outside with them all the time and teach them not to go into the garden areas.
  • Beth W
    on Mar 25, 2018

    Exercize! That is always a good start for any lab or labradoodle. The path around the perimeter is good too. You will want to sub divide your yard with fencing. If you want a play area for the dogs make one- think agility and brain games (look at pinterest for inexpensive ideas for these). If you can divide your remaining yard with a temporary fence let them have access to one area while you reseed and repair the other, when repaired allow them access to this and repairing the other area. If you walk them, take them to their yard your yard will Recover
  • Grandmasue10
    on Mar 25, 2018

    Can you put up a long dog run? It wouldn't have to be wide. With some dogs you might have to put a top on it. I would also advise pavers, so they don't get muddy or even dusty and dirty. Pavers would also wear down their toenails a bit.
  • Janet
    on Mar 25, 2018

    I have 3 Labradors so I fully understand where you are on this topic. I in the Spring and Fall throw seed in the area most in need. I have to really watch that my dogs stay off the area . Maybe you could walk your dogs as well.
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