Recycled Bookshelf Into a Bar

I bought this oak bookshelf/display unit at the thrift store for $15 in hopes of making a place to put my small wine frig and maybe some wine bottles on. A little paint, an MDF shelf, stem ware holder and some side boards turned it into a complete bar.
The only power tools I have is a drill motor and a palm sander. So I had to take my measurements to the store; buy the wood; and have them cut the pieces for me.
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Removing the front doors
Added shelf above the frig to set liquor bottles on and side boards on the sides and back to keep bottles from falling off.
Put a $20 LED light at the back, behind the glass ware. You can also see the tension bar here I used to hang my painted canvas on. I took a piece of stiff canvas material and painted a scene of my favorite vineyard from a photograph I took last time I was there and then using a tension rod, hung it on the back side.
The light is perfect on the painting and over the liquor bottles.

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