If I size walls with paste, do i let it dry, then wallpaper after?

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  • Carol Thomas Carol Thomas on Mar 26, 2018
    Yes. Sizing helps the wallpaper stick, plus make it a bit easier to remove later. Let it dry, then wallpaper as usual.
  • William William on Mar 26, 2018
    What Kind of paste? I always prime with a good stain blocking primer. Then paint.
  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Mar 26, 2018
    Make sure you have the glue ready then the wallpaper. You must put the paper on right after the glue. Also, you can put the paste on the back of the paper and hang it. Make sure the patterns line up. Start from the bottom up. Use a utility knife. If you make a mistake, it won't show up on the wall. The wall is too high.
  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 26, 2018
    You only size walls if they are plaster. You must prime drywall before papering. Been doing this for 50 years professionally as a side line, started out working on plaster walls in old brownstones and Victorian homes.
  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 26, 2018
    Yes you let the sizing dry thoroughly before applying the paper.
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