Can browned cyprus trees be saved?

I purchased 25 cypress trees that are turning brown. Can they be saved

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  • Mogie Mogie on Mar 26, 2018
    Browning on newly planted Leyland cypress could be caused by a number of different things. Perhaps the two trees that are turning brown are suffering from moisture stress. If their roots haven't spread into surrounding soil, newly plantedtrees need close attention to watering.
  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Mar 26, 2018
    you need advice from a licensed / certified arborist; if none in your area, contact your local Agricultural Agency ( under your State/County Government listings)
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 26, 2018
    how were they planted?
  • Lynn Lynn on Mar 26, 2018
    Water deprived or a pest issue
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Mar 26, 2018
    Yes - either they did not get enough long slow soaking or it is an insect/mite that is killing them.
  • Rick Rick on Mar 27, 2018
    Virginia, I researched on-line and there are numerous websites with good advice. I am going to attempt to attach a link to what looks like a good one. Go to the website: Services and enter what state you reside in. I went to the website and signed up to the site. Now I will be able to answer a lot more questions for folks with plant, wildlife and gardening.
  • Rick Rick on Mar 27, 2018

    First - Where do you live ? Go to Bing or Google and type in: I was so happy to find this site I signed up for a Membership. The site allows you to pick only what you are interested in researching. Rick Allen