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Cheryl Rebecca Nugent
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Asked on Mar 27, 2018

Large Tree Roots on Pathways - what to do?

MelanieAngela Lozito RogersConnie Hirchert Stadelmann


We have a sweeping lawn surrounded by woods. Several paths go through the woods but huge tree roots make it hard to really walk on the paths. Should/could they be cut? Covered with dirt? We've thought of laying brick but doubt we could. Thank you.

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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Mar 27, 2018

    do not cut them ....cover them with mulch
  • Johnavallance82
    on Mar 27, 2018

    Divert your path to cope with roots.
  • Amanda
    on Mar 27, 2018

    Hi Cheryl. I wouldn't cut the roots. I would just put dirt or gravel over them.
  • Connie Hirchert Stadelmann
    on Mar 27, 2018

    We have cut them out with no adverse effects to the tree. The tree has roots all around and you're only eliminating one or two. You could make a raised boardwalk path, but we wanted our paths to be natural
  • Angela Lozito Rogers
    on Mar 27, 2018

    we have oaks roots and they had become dangerous for walking around our yard. When we had some trees trimmed, the guys used a grinder and ground them down. Worked great. just not close to the actual tree trunk.
  • Melanie
    on Mar 27, 2018

    owe cut poplar roots lost the trree
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