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Asked on Mar 27, 2018

How to cover cracks and wallpaper on a bedroom ceiling?

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Preparing our old farm house for sale and need to update one bedroom ceiling that has some noticeable (but not awful) cracks in the plaster plus 4 layers of wallpaper. My husband is a contractor and knows all the major ways to fix this -- put new drywall sheeting up, install false ceiling with ceiling tiles, etc. These methods will mostly add time and major expense to preparation for sale neither of which we have an abundance of. Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for ways to cover this ceiling and still make it attractive. Don't want to put any thing striking up there as then it would not match rest of "old farm styling" of house. I know there are more recent ceiling covering techniques out there now that are neither expensive nor major time consuming. Please give me some ideas. Thank you

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  • Julie Schmidt
    on Mar 27, 2018

    I would do the metal appearing ceiling panels
  • Gale Allen Jenness
    on Mar 27, 2018

    You can use paintable silicone to fill cracks and paint over the ceiling. If the cracks are larger and still noticeable after filling with silicone you can baroque your ceiling with your own texture by taking a 12” x 12” board and wrinkling up paper and put it in a piece of plastic large enough to wrap around the board. Add a stick a couple feet long to your board then pull the plastic with the wrinkled up paper in it around your board pulling it snug and staple the plastic to the handle side of the board. Once you got your applicator made you just take Sheetrock mud and put it in a big bucket big enough to stick the applicator you made into the bucket to get mud on the plastic and then start in one corner of your ceiling and press the applicator with mud against your ceiling and pull it back down. You will see longer stems of mud hanging down but don’t worry! go on and press some more mud on the ceiling for a few minutes while the other mud dries a little. Then take a trowel and lightly scrape off the excess mud on the ceiling to to level you prefer the texture to look. This takes some time to do but makes a beautiful ceiling and covers a world of sins/ imperfections!
  • Sun3561795
    on Mar 27, 2018

    Why not just cover it with breadboard - comes in sheets - paint it or not. Or how bout the tried & true method of Shiplap... looks great in your style, comes in various colors and prices, goes up quick, and Wal-ah ! Your house is sold. Good Luck!
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