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Asked on Mar 28, 2018

Venetian blinds dilemma

Barb AdamsSharJewellmartin


my windows are 29cm wide drop 64 but have bought 35cm blinds how do i fit them

8 answers
  • Jcraw
    on Mar 28, 2018

    Take them back and have them cut them. Or install on the window frame rather than inside the window.
  • Betsy
    on Mar 28, 2018

    Yup, that's what I would do. And, they are pretty easy to shorten. And, you can use the left over slats to write on and put in the garden so you know what is planted where:)
  • Amy Ogden-Paparone
    on Mar 28, 2018

    Hi Shar,
    The only thing you could do so that they fit correctly and look good would be to bring them to a place that trims blinds, if there isn't a place like that near you, your best bet would be to return the ones you bought and buy the correct size.
  • Joy30150932
    on Mar 28, 2018

    You can either trim the excess off with special cutters or you can just install them to cover the outside frame.
  • Walter Bercarich
    on Mar 28, 2018

    go back where you bought them and have them cut to size.
  • Jewellmartin
    on Mar 28, 2018

    I like Windex. But the main component is a soft dishcloth or cloth diaper. Try to keep the cloth for only stainless steel. Best wishes ☺️
  • Shar
    on Mar 29, 2018

    Thanks Walter
  • Barb Adams
    on Mar 29, 2018

    You can either exchange them, have them cut down (most stores where you purchased them do this for free) or use an outside mount to install them. This may help:
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