Asked on Mar 29, 2018

Is it possible to raise low ceilings?

WilliamMarcia PierceGinny


its a small 890 sq ft house built in 1900. The ceilings are low. Is it possible to raise them

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  • Lori Verni-Fogarsi
    on Mar 29, 2018

    It depends on what is in the space above. If you have an attic access you can look, otherwise you’ll have to pull down a piece of ceiling/make a hole big enough that you could stand on a ladder and get your upper body in there to find out. As long as the roof rafters aren’t immediately above the ceiling, you would have space to do it. This will involve removing all of your ceiling boards/material, adjusting or replacing light fixtures to the higher height, and replacing with new ceiling boards. If you decide to do it, consider putting new insulation up there too... makes a huge difference in old houses! Good luck!
  • Ginny
    on Mar 30, 2018

    A small rancher near my house added a second story several years ago and it looks fine.
  • Marcia Pierce
    on Mar 30, 2018

    If you have can lights you can remove one (cut the power!) to see how much clearance you have.
  • Marcia Pierce
    on Mar 30, 2018

    Adding a second story to old WWII small homes is very common in my area.
  • William
    on Mar 30, 2018

    If it's the original ceiling then no. If it's a drop ceiling then it can be removed revealing the original ceiling.
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