Asked on Mar 30, 2018

Planting potatoes in containers

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  • Chubby58
    on Mar 30, 2018

    I ordered these for this year. ASOON 2-Pack 7 Gallon Garden Potato Grow Bag Vegetables Planter Bags with Handles and Access Flap for Potato, Carrot & Onion off of Amazon. Last year, I planted in a large plastic pot, I yielded a few potatoes that were small, but I planted them too late. I'll let you know how the new containers work out.
  • Eileen
    on Mar 31, 2018

    I have used both potato bags and potato planters with equal success. The plastic planter was easier to harvest from.
  • Tig Judy Louise Beresford
    on Mar 31, 2018

    I planted potatoes on my balcony. I didn't buy special seeds, I just let one bag of potatoes go to sprout. I put a garbage bag on the floor of the balcony, then, an old rubber car tire. I filled this with a bag of dirt, and planted my potatoes fairly close to the surface. As they grew up out of the dirt, I then added another tire, and another bag of dirt, plus a few more potatoes. Once again, as they sprouted to the top, I repeated this. Then, I just let them grow until close to fall. Before frost came, I started to take the tires off. As I did the potatoes that grew came out easily. I had spread a larger plastic sheet over the balcony area where I dumped it all, and after sorting the potatoes out, I put the soil back into the original bags, and taped them up tightly. (for use the next year). It always yielded at least 40-50 potatoes of varying sizes, the larger ones towards the bottom. It did not look ugly either. I painted the tires three different colours, and then surrounded the tires with potted plants. It was minimal space and was a great way to have those fresh potatoes. I have done this planting other things in tires, stumps or whatever kind of container I could find. So, herbs and such also were grown. Some herbs like chives I have just let go dormant outside in their pot and they always come back year after year. I have had the same container of chives now for around 8 years. Nothing quite like going out on your balcony to just grab a handful of something fresh to cook with.
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