Asked on Mar 31, 2018

Best way to clean ceiling fan blades without being showered with dust?

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  • Alice
    on Mar 31, 2018

    put a plastic garbage bag over the fan and then clean it - the dust will fall into the bag and you can then work around to the other blades.

  • Microfiber cloths wrapped around tongs. Held in place with rubber bands.
  • Hog3275625
    on Mar 31, 2018

    Throw an old pillow case over the blades to catch the dust.
  • Johnavallance82
    on Mar 31, 2018

    Polish on cloth
  • Marie Rother
    Marie Rother
    on Mar 31, 2018

    Pillow case over blade and pull
  • Edie Pfeifer
    Edie Pfeifer
    on Mar 31, 2018

    they make special brushes just for this purpose. It's two brushes with a slot between, so you just slide the blade into the slot. It has along handle, so no standing on a step stool. If you have several ceiling fans, it's worth the small investment. Really makes the job easy. I got mine at Home Depot.
  • Diana
    on Mar 31, 2018

    My fans also get stuck on greasy film so I use dawn with wet rag
  • William
    on Mar 31, 2018

    I tear open a large garbage bag and tape the the corners to the ceiling with painter tape allowing it drape under the fan like an upside down parachute. All the dust and dirt falls into the plastic.
    on Apr 4, 2018

    Damp cloth
  • Pat Carlin
    Pat Carlin
    on Apr 4, 2018

    wet a pillow case, place it over a blade and pull if off, bringing the dust with it. Repeat with other blades.
  • Missy Burch
    Missy Burch
    on Apr 4, 2018

    I mist old dryer sheets & wipe down the blades. It works like a charm. They don't even need to be wet, just barely damp.
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